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Telephone appointment confirmation service

This service will assist you to confirm medical appointments with your non-English speaking or limited English speaking clients.


This service helps promote your telehealth services or services to non-English speaking or limited English speaking clients and encourage uptake, engagement and participation.

What will the interpreter do for you?  

For this service, the interpreter will contact the client on behalf of your service or clinic. They will confirm the appointment date and time with the client; explain the telehealth appointment; explain how to connect to you on the appointment date; assured that an interpreter will assist them during the appointment; and explain the pre-appointment cancellation process. After the assignment is completed, the interpreter will report back to you if they have successfully confirmed the medical appointment with the client. 

You can book this service together with a video or telephone interpreting service.

The interpreter will undertake the appointment confirmation service first. Once the appointment is confirmed, they will inform you and subsequently provide language support for your video or telephone telehealth consultation.