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Information for prospective interpreters

Passionate about supporting your community to access telehealth services offered by primary and community health services? Join the Digi Language Support Service [DLS] to pilot our telehealth interpreting service concept!

Digi Language Support (DLS) Services, a sub-division of Asian Family Services, is testing a digitally enabled service providing a self-service booking system for primary and community care participating agencies to access telehealth language support services. This pilot project is one of the Ministry of Health’s digitally enabled access and participation initiatives.

The pilot aims to enhance access and participation of non-English speaking (NES) or limited English speaking (LES) consumers to health services offered by primary and community-based participating agencies in New Zealand from November 2021.

Who are we seeking? We are seeking interpreters who are certified with one or more Asian languages/dialects and keen to participate as one of the interpreters providing telehealth interpreting service in this pilot project. Please refer to the list of languages/dialects..

Why participate? Your participation will help build evidence that the DLS telehealth interpreting service concept can improve access and participation for your Asian communities to telehealth services provided by primary and community care.  It will also help us improve the way we provide telehealth interpreting services as the service expands to other languages post the pilot.

Will I get paid? Yes. You will be paid rates according to your qualifications and experience.

How to register? If you are qualified and have experience interpreting in the health setting, we would love to hear from you. Register your interest here. We will be in contact for an interview if you are successfully selected.

Incentive for successful candidates: If you have registered before 30th September and are selected for an interview, you will enter into a lucky draw. We have 10 lucky draw winners in total. The prizes are as follows:

Results of the prize draw will be announced in early or mid-October 2021 on both the Digi Language Support and Asian Family Services websites and email to applicants.

Information for other language interpreters: DLS service will be seeking registration from other language interpreters post the pilot. If you wish to register now, you are welcome to click and complete the form too. We will be in contact in early 2022..

Contact: for any further enquiries.

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